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Not Your Mother’s Yule Ritual Gift Exchange and Potluck – 2015

Hello Wardenheart and Friends!

Please join us on 12/20/15 for our annual fun, festive Not Your Mother’s Yule Ritual Gift Exchange!

The rules will be explained before the ritual, but the TL;DR version: Yankee gift exchange + white elephant gift exchange with a side of “Let’s Make a Deal”

This is a gift exchange where we request you DO NOT purchase anything for it, but rather bring your trinkets, time or talents.

Gifts are: items around your home that you no longer need or want, hand-made items (from cookies to fiber art to short stories – or offer to make a commission for someone!) books, clothing, gently used items, gift certificates for future services – divination, massage, house cleaning, going on a date with someone…all swappable! (Please Note: Items which fail to find a home during the ritual will be donated to the local Goodwill or other charity.)


Doors are open at 1pm for guest to arrive at the AEU to meet and greet before dinner and our ritual.

We will open the potluck with a three round Sumbel at 2pm.

If you can’t make the potluck, the “Not yo Momma’s Yule Ritual and Gift Exchange” will be starting at 3pm.

We’ll wrap up our merry gift exchange and close our ritual by passing the horn around one last time to share a Yuletide wish for the upcoming year.

We look forwards to sharing this holiday season with you all!


In Service,

Úlfdís Járnviðar

Associate Gythia, Wardenheart Kindred


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